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An accident that results in a personal injury is almost always someone’s fault. The Commonwealth does not recognize the concept of a no-fault accident, and the law must place responsibility for an accident on one or both parties.

It is crucial that you be able to demonstrate that another party was solely responsible for an incident. This is because this is the only way to collect the compensation that you need to pay medical bills, make up for lost income, and set your life back on track.

A Nelson County personal injury lawyer may be able to help you. A well-versed attorney can investigate the incident, explain the laws that apply to your case, and form demand packages that seek out the compensation that you deserve.

Most Personal Injuries Arise as the Result of Negligence

Even though most personal injuries are the result of accidents, this does not mean that people cannot demand fair payments for their losses. On the contrary, the law places an obligation on certain people and companies to protect others. When they fail in this obligation, and an injury occurs, they have the duty to provide compensation.

This concept forms the core of the legal cause of action called negligence. A negligence case arises out of accidents that occur on the road, when using a consumer product, when visiting the property of another, or when visiting a medical professional.

In negligence cases, it is necessary to prove that not only was another party responsible for the incident, but also that an injured party’s actions were reasonable. This is because of the concept called contributory negligence outlined in Virginia Civil Model Jury Instruction 6.000. Using this concept, a court cannot award compensation to people who were in any way responsible for the incident that resulted in an injury. A Nelson County personal injury attorney could take the lead in proving negligence and defeating allegations of injured peoples’ contribution.

Injuries May Also be the Result of Criminal Activity

While accidents are the leading cause of personal injuries, it is also possible that criminal activity could lead to harm. Here, it is important to understand the distinction between criminal and civil cases. Committing a criminal act such as assault or kidnapping can and should result in a criminal case. The District Attorney has the ability to pursue charges and recommend imprisonment upon conviction. However, this does little to provide compensation to injured victims.

Instead, hurt people must pursue civil lawsuits that name the perpetrator as the defendant. In these cases, a criminal conviction can be conclusive evidence of fault. Still, an injured person must demonstrate how the event has resulted in damage to receive appropriate compensation. A Nelson County personal injury lawyer could help to pursue civil lawsuits after criminal acts.

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It is impossible to understate the impact that a physical injury can have on your life. Not only may you require extensive medical care, but you may also endure emotional traumas and lose significant income. If you can prove that another person or company was responsible for the incident, you can demand that they provide fair payments to cover your losses. Sadly, this process is often difficult and complex.

A Nelson County personal injury lawyer may be able to help you. A legal professional can explain the laws that pertain to your case and evaluate how the incident has impacted your life. With this information, an attorney can gather evidence and build powerful cases against at-fault parties.