What Are Some of the Different Hats That Personal Injury Lawyers Wear in VA?

    Due to the way personal injury cases are typically handled, a personal injury lawyer in Virginia will often be asked assume an array of roles from litigator to educator. Below, a personal injury lawyer discusses these roles and how each contributes to building an overall case as a whole. If you believe you may have a claim for compensation, call today and schedule a free initial consultation. You will be able to discuss your case and learn more about how to proceed with your injury claim.

A personal injury lawyer is truly a jack-of-all-trades.

As a personal injury attorney, the initial role is one of an educator and a counselor to you, the injured party. A personal injury attorney is going to ask a lot of questions and he will be able to answer questions about procedure, processes, who to contact, and when to contact certain people. He’s also going to be able to counsel you about the injuries, legal procedure, what different timelines mean, and what you should expect in court. It’s a difficult time when someone’s injured, so it’s important that an attorney acts as an educator and a counselor to help the client move forward with their life.

As the case moves forward, the attorney becomes a negotiator and as they pursue all the medical records, they make sure medical terminology is clear and easy to understand for all concerned. They talk to their client about potential developments and what’s reasonable given the nature of the injury and other potential damages. They compile everything to make a negotiation or demand for settlement upon the insurance company.

As the case progresses, the attorney becomes a litigator. They file motions, they do discovery, and they conduct depositions.

All through that time the personal injury attorney is a communicator; with his client, other attorney as well as communicating internally with his own staff about the time issues and understanding the case.

What is The Value of Trust in The Attorney Client Relationship?

Trust in the attorney client relationship is truly invaluable. It’s what the entirety of the relationship is built on and it goes both ways. The attorney has to trust the client and the client should be able to trust the advice they’re being given by the attorney. If that relationship breaks down on either end for any reason, then maybe it is not the best relationship for both parties.