Kemp Mill Personal Injury Lawyer

Whenever an accident leaves one or more people dealing with a serious injury, those injured parties may have grounds for a lawsuit against the person or entity responsible for causing the accident in question. However, even determining whether you have a valid personal injury claim—let alone achieving a positive result from one—can be challenging without assistance from someone who has handled similar cases successfully before.

A Kemp Mill personal injury lawyer could be a crucial ally to have on your side in this kind of situation. Whether you are seeking compensation for short-term losses following a minor injury or for life-changing damage stemming from a permanent disability or disfigurement, a dedicated attorney could work to protect your rights and serve your best interests throughout every step of the litigation process.

Recoverable Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

Through successful civil litigation, a person injured in an accident they did not cause may recover compensation for both economic and non-economic consequences of that incident. On the economic side of things, personal injury claims generally center around expenses for past and future medical treatment, including the costs of future rehabilitative and outpatient care as well as necessary medical equipment and medications. However, a skilled Kemp Mill personal injury attorney could also help demand restitution for other objective financial losses like missed work wages, damage to personal property, and lost future earning capacity.

Non-economic damages, as the choice of terminology implies, do not have quantitative financial values. Instead, they have subjective values that can vary from case to case based on each plaintiff’s unique experiences. Typical non-economic damages in a personal injury claim include lost enjoyment of life, lost consortium with a spouse, physical pain, and emotional and/or psychological trauma. It is worth noting, though, that Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings §3-2A-09 caps recovery for these types of losses at $890,000—as of October 1, 2020—in most personal injury claims.

How to Establish Fault for Accident-Related Losses

Regardless of how substantial an accident victim’s losses are or how much they will impact the course of their life, they cannot recover any compensation until they meet the criteria set out by state law for a valid claim. First and foremost, they generally must prove negligence by the defendant(s) in their case, which entails showing that the defendant(s) had a responsibility to keep them safe from harm through reasonable care, expressly breached that duty through careless or reckless actions, and directly caused an injury requiring professional medical treatment.

Plaintiffs often also need to prove that they did not bear any fault whatsoever for the accident that caused their injuries. Thanks to the “pure contributory negligence” standard followed by Maryland civil courts, any finding of fault against a personal injury victim may bar them from recovering any compensation at all, so working with a knowledgeable lawyer can be especially crucial when contesting allegations of comparative fault following a personal injury in Kemp Mill.

Finally, all personal injury plaintiffs must adhere to the statutory filing deadline set out by MD Code, C&JP §5-101. If a prospective plaintiff waits longer than three years after discovering their injuries and therefore oversteps this deadline, they will almost certainly be unable to pursue their claim.

Seek Help from a Kemp Mill Personal Injury Attorney

The idea of pursuing a personal injury claim by yourself can be understandably intimidating, especially in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic accident that left you severely injured. Fortunately, you do not have to enforce your right to civil compensation alone if you first seek help from a qualified legal professional.

A Kemp Mill personal injury lawyer could answer questions and address whatever concerns you might have about this type of litigation during a confidential meeting. Call today to schedule yours.