Baltimore Dangerous Products Lawyer

Every time you use a product, you place your trust in the manufacturer that the item is safe and won’t cause you harm. Unfortunately, dangerous products are sometimes released for consumers to buy. When this happens and you get hurt, you may be entitled to compensation for losses. A Baltimore dangerous products lawyer can provide you with legal representation if you have been hurt while using any product and you want to recover compensation from those responsible. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case with an injury attorney in Baltimore.

Laws on Defective Products in Baltimore

Consumers are protected by Maryland law. Products that are sold to the public have an implied warranty that they will be fit for their intended use. If a product has an express warranty, Maryland law gives you the right to file a claim if the manufacturer fails to honor the guarantee.

Maryland also imposes strict liability laws, which make manufacturers legally responsible for paying damages to anyone who suffers unexpected harm due to a product defect.  Because strict liability applies, a victim who is hurt does not have to prove a manufacturer did anything wrong in order to recover compensation for damages. This is a departure from other types of personal injury and wrongful death claims, like car accident cases, where a victim must prove recklessness or carelessness. However, in strict liability it still needs to be demonstrated that the product defect made the product unreasonably dangerous to the plaintiff.

Strict liability rules are meant to encourage manufacturers to conduct rigorous testing before releasing products to limit the risk of liability. Imposing strict liability on manufacturers also makes sense because manufacturers are in the best position to insure against something going wrong with the items they sell.

Making a Claim for Dangerous Products

If you are hurt by any product, you can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for:

  • Medical costs
  • Wage losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

If your spouse, child or other family member who provided you financial support was killed as a result of the defective product, you can pursue a wrongful death claim.  Because of strict liability rules, you only need to prove that the defect in the product was the direct cause of harm you experienced.  A Baltimore dangerous products lawyer can help you to make a compelling argument to the jury so you can fight for the compensation necessary to move on after a dangerous product hurts you.

Defective products sometimes lead to class actions or mass tort cases, which you can become a part of. Your dangerous products attorney in Baltimore can evaluate your situation and advise you on the best way to pursue a claim for compensation.

How a Baltimore Dangerous Products Lawyer Can Help

Virtually any product on the market can cause you to suffer injury if there is a defect, however, a great number of defective products cases arise out of the same type of products including:

  • Dangerous medical devices
  • Drugs with unexpected side effects
  • Defective motor vehicles
  • Unsafe toys
  • Faulty equipment and machinery

A Baltimore dangerous products lawyer can assist with all types of claims after you are hurt by a product defect. Your attorney can represent you in trial or negotiate on your behalf to help you reach a settlement and recover compensation outside of court. To learn more, contact an attorney for help today.