IVC Filter Lumps

Sometimes people who get IVC filters will have lumps at the point of implantation. It is not clear if these lumps are indicative of injury or not, but they are an indication that the person should go and find out if there is an issue with their filter.

These lumps are a fairly typical problem. In fact, probably the majority of people who contact an IVF filter attorney about their injuries and issues with their IVC filter—whether their case is actually taken or not— discuss having either localized pain or a lump where the filter is. This could just be a secondary effect of the filter that really has no clinical significance, but it is worth getting checked out, because it very well could be indicative of a problem with the filter.

Pains Associated With Lumps

Generally, lumps just tend to cause a localized pain. People will describe it as a bruise-like pain or pain when they touch it. There may be no clinical significance to that. There isn’t even necessarily a direct correlation, but it does not happen in every case and one has to draw the conclusion from that because it may be a sign of a problem.

Statute of Limitations for This Injury

In some states, the possibility of knowledge alone is enough to make the statute of limitations period start accruing. The law may allow for the period to start running, even if the person does not have any symptoms, and they do not think there is any problem with their filter and they wait to find out two or three years later when they go in for a checkup and get a scan, that they really do. It is possible that under those circumstances, the person may be time-barred in some states, based on the fact that they should have known there might or could be a problem. The best advice is to play it safe. If someone has an IVC filter, they should go to their doctor and ask to get a scan. They should do whatever the doctor thinks is appropriate to check the filter status, to make sure that they do not have a problem. If it appears that there may be some sort of issue, then they should call a lawyer and find out what they can do.

Lawyers take cases all the time for people who are asymptomatic. Sometimes it turns out they do not have a problem. In many cases, it has turned out that they did have a problem and did not even know it. By contacting a lawyer, they ensure that the legal process is well under way, which protects them against the potential for that statute of limitations expiring.

Contacting an Attorney About an IVC Lump

Even if the only known issue a person has is an IVC lump that does not mean it is too early for that person to look for legal representation in these cases. It is important to put health first and call a doctor before calling a lawyer. But at the same time, most of these cases involve asymptomatic injury, problems that do not have symptoms. Once someone is on alert, whether it be through an advertisement or through something that they read on the internet, it is important to realize that they may have a problem with their filter.