Secondary Asbestos Exposure Lawyer

It is widely known nowadays that direct exposure to asbestos can be incredibly hazardous to your health, especially when working with this once-popular fire suppressant material in a construction or industry setting. What many people are not as aware of, though, is that indirect asbestos exposure can cause—and unfortunately has caused in many cases—substantial physical harm in people who were never in close proximity to asbestos themselves.

If you were diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer, or another disease commonly linked to asbestos exposure despite never working or living around asbestos yourself, you may want to speak with a secondary asbestos exposure lawyer about your legal options. With a qualified attorney’s assistance, you may be able to recover restitution for various consequences of your condition, including both economic and non-economic losses.

What Is Secondary Asbestos Exposure?

While direct asbestos exposure generally entails direct contact with material containing asbestos, indirect exposure usually involves inhalation of asbestos fibers carried to a secondary location by someone who was directly exposed to asbestos. For example, back when asbestos was commonly used in building construction and maintenance, workers often unknowingly carried asbestos fibers home with them after leaving work, making their own residences potentially unsafe just like their workplaces were.

Unfortunately, this means that the people most at risk of sustaining harm through secondary asbestos exposure are women, children, and the elderly, especially those who were related by blood or marriage to someone who worked with asbestos in the 1970s. Even worse, secondary asbestos exposure is equally as hazardous as direct asbestos exposure, since asbestos fibers in no way lose their potency after being separated from larger quantities of asbestos.

Accordingly, secondary exposure is linked to many of the same diseases that primary exposure can lead to, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and cancers of the lungs, throat, digestive tract, and ovaries. Anyone who experienced any of these conditions as a result of any kind of asbestos exposure should get in touch with a secondary asbestos exposure attorney to determine what legal action they could take.

Effectively Pursuing Civil Litigation

Depending on exactly how asbestos fibers ended up leaving a worksite and harming people through secondary exposure, various parties might bear civil liability for damages related to ensuing medical issues. Litigation can be especially complex in this kind of situation if the person who carried those fibers into the impacted plaintiff’s home, vehicle, or general proximity is no longer alive—an unfortunately common problem, given how deadly direct asbestos exposure can be.

Working with a seasoned lawyer can be absolutely crucial to seeking comprehensive compensation based on secondary asbestos exposure. In addition to tracking down evidence regarding how and when a plaintiff experienced secondary exposure, dedicated legal counsel could take the lead on connecting that exposure to a plaintiff’s current condition, valuating ensuing damages, and demanding fair financial recovery for every single one of those losses.

Learn More by Talking to a Secondary Asbestos Exposure Attorney

Even decades after the dangers of asbestos became publicly known, individuals who were exposed to this material in the past are still feeling its life-altering effects. Unfortunately, pursuing fair restitution for the effects of asbestos exposure can be uniquely challenging if you came into contact with asbestos outside of a working environment.

Assistance is available from a knowledgeable secondary asbestos exposure lawyer who knows how to handle claims of this unique nature. Call today for a consultation.