What to Expect in a Roundup Case

If someone you know was recently diagnosed with cancer due to exposure to Roundup, or you believe that exposure to Roundup is the reason you were diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, you could potentially file a lawsuit.

A seasoned lawyer could sit down with you at the outset of the case to discuss what this means for you and what is involved with bringing legal action. Despite the fact that Monsanto has continued to argue there are no dangers presented by exposure to Roundup, more lawsuits have been filed by victims like you arguing that the company is responsible for failure to warn. Call today to learn more about what to expect in a Roundup case.

Filing a Lawsuit

Plenty of victims who receive a cancer diagnosis wonder whether or not environmental issues could have caused this condition. As more people have spoken out about the dangers of Roundup, newly-diagnosed patients have evaluated their options to bring a legal claim against Monsanto.

Taking on a major corporation can be confusing or even overwhelming for a victim attempting to process a recent serious diagnosis. For this reason, a dangerous products lawyer could help to remove some of the stress associated with filing an injury claim and help a victim to determine the next steps. More research has emerged in recent years about the connection between Roundup and cancer.

Consumers who have used Roundup should be aware of the possibility of developing cancer. Signs of some of the cancers associated with this weed-killer product include fever, constant fatigue, night sweats, chest pain, and swelling of the lymph nodes.

Damages in a Dangerous Products Case

Damages in any injury or product case depend on the diagnosis given to a victim. Cancer often comes with substantial medical expenses and other damages.

A diagnosis of any form of cancer is a serious matter and one that could lead to substantial damages for a victim. Having to miss work to attend medical appointments or due to a weakened and painful state is just one way that costs could add up for a victim.

A victim of Roundup exposure could also be facing significant medical expenses both in the present and in the future. Treating the symptoms associated with cancer could put the patient on a very long road to recovery. Most patients could face a serious decline in their health after receiving a non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis.

Get Legal Support For Your Roundup Case Today

Filing a Roundup lawsuit on your own is not recommended. Monsanto has vigorously defended their product and put forward many resources and attorneys to fight back against the claims that their spray causes cancer.

You could benefit from speaking with a lawyer sooner rather than later so that you know what is involved in bringing a case and how to prepare your documentation. An attorney who knows what to expect in a Roundup case could help you.

Aside from the peace of mind that could be provided by talking things over with an experienced lawyer, you could also discover whether it makes more sense to proceed with an individual case or to file amidst the growing claims against the maker of this product in mass torts. No matter what you decide, you should have your questions answered early on so that you can make an informed decision about your own future.