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Use Whistleblowers to Find Hidden Russian Money

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By Attorney Tony Munter The Attorney General has announced the government is creating Task Force Klepto Capture stating “The Justice...

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New DOJ Task Force Needs Whistleblowers

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Written by Tony Munter The Department of Justice recently posted the Attorney General’s announcement of the establishment of a COVID-19...

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In Baseball, Cheating is the Problem, not Blowing the Whistle

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Even in Baseball, which after all is just entertainment, a whistleblower can be subject to being attacked, merely for stepping...

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Reporting Pharmaceutical Frauds and Acts of Misrepresentation

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There have been some large cases related to the Opioid crisis. A few half-billion-dollar settlements have hit so far. Here’s...

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The Strange Case of Jeffrey Wertkin

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One area of the Strange Case of Jeffrey Wertkin appears to be coming to a close. Mr. Wertkin is a...

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