Whistleblower Protection

Wells Fargo Scandal Leads to Two Board Resignations

False Claims Act, In The Press, News, Whistleblower, Whistleblower Protection

On March 9, Wells Fargo announced two resignations from its board, including its Chairwoman Elizabeth A. Duke. She had served...

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Next Stop: India, as the Reach of Global Finance Grows

False Claims Act, Financial Fraud, In The Press, News, Whistleblower, Whistleblower Protection

When I first went to India, the City Bank representative was proud to point out to me that I could...

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Department of Justice Releases FCA Stats to Grumbling Bar

False Claims Act, In The Press, Whistleblower, Whistleblower Protection

The DOJ Statistics on False Claims Act awards are in and they created quite a bit of grumbling among those...

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Are Whistleblowers Underpaid?

False Claims Act, News, Whistleblower, Whistleblower Protection

Well, here’s a really interesting number from the New York Times today and I think it proves a point about...

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National Whistleblower Day Celebration

False Claims Act, Whistleblower, Whistleblower Protection

It was inspiring to attend the celebration of this year’s National Whistleblower Day in the Kennedy Caucus room of the...

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