Actos Class Action

A drug injury case’s unique challenges primarily stem from the complexity associated with numerous claimants pursuing the same defendant for a single act of negligence. If a single wrongful act is committed against multiple victims, or plaintiffs, the victims collectively bring their claim against the defendant(s) when a judge combines these cases.

This is either done in state court by consolidating the cases, or in federal court through multi-district litigation (MDL). Once evidentiary pre-trial proceedings are completed, individual claims return to the courts in which they were filed for trial.This is called a mass tort, and their function is to streamline the way the courts handle multiple filings against a single defendant for the same negligent act.

This attempt at expediency arises from the court’s constant quest to eliminate numerous identical lawsuits against a single defendant. Actos class action and mass tort lawsuits are popping up at the state and federal levels as more patients fall victim to the serious side effects that Actos causes.

Class Action vs Mass Tort Suits

When an attorney combines many similar cases into a single filing, it is called a class action lawsuit, even though a judge must approve the filing. Mass torts and class action suits are often viewed as being similar.  In a simple class action lawsuit, all plaintiffs share the same claim and the same cause of action. In a mass tort, each plaintiff has their own individual claim and specific evidence, which are combined by the judge into a shared cause of action and procedural rules for the entire group of cases. In class actions, attorneys earn their fee in one huge case.  In mass torts, the lawyers earn their fee one case at a time.

In a class action suit, the court will essentially allow an attorney to represent all of the claimants.

Filing a defective drug personal injury claim can be a complex matter because they sometimes involve ambiguous statutes of limitations, as well as evidentiaryand other ambiguities not often found in traditional personal injury lawsuits.  This is why it is imperative that you are represented by a seasoned dangerous drug attorney with extensive experience in complex product and drug liability lawsuits should you decide to file a personal injury claim.

Hiring a Defective Drug Injury Attorney

If you are interested in filing an Actos class action suit, contact the dedicated team of defective drug injury lawyers at our firm so that we can put you in touch with a personal injury lawyer who can help.